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3rd International Conferene on Community Psychology: Community Agendas for Contemporary Social Problems

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June 3-5, 2010; 3rd International Conferene on Community Psychology: Community Agendas for Contemporary Social Problems; Puebla, MEXICO


To bring together community psychologists, persons and organizations engaged in community works in the diverse continents of the world.

Facilitate communication and learning among the participants of different disciplines involved with community action.

Exchange information and knowledge on the difficulties and advances in theory, practice, research and ethics for community action.

Contribute to building skills and abilities for community work among scholars, students and social activists.

Stimulate reflection and action regarding the pressing social problems at the beginning of the XXI Century.

Promote global collaboration for Community Psychology.

Facilitate the creation of the International Association of Community Psychology.

Promote world and regional awareness about the necessary and original outlook of Community Psychology in understanding and transforming the world.

Thematic Areas


The Third International Conference on Community Psychology will focus on the study of the contributions the diverse community agendas can offer to engage the pressing social problems of the world at the beginning of the XXI Century:

a) Economic polarization and impoverization, inequity, mental and physical deterioration, environmental threats.
b) Challenges related to virtual communities and the social disparities in the information age.
c) Interculturality and its difficulties regarding discrimination, renewed racisms, and migration,
d) Politicization of violence and phenomena of insecurity, corruption, impunity and fundamentalisms. We welcome proposals that will offer community agendas in the following areas:

Critical thinking on Community Psychology in diverse regions of the world.
Regional and global theoretical trends for the understanding of social and community challenges.
Higher education and non formal training experiences for social activists.
Community Psychology practices or interventions in confronting social crises and emergencies.
Research or evaluation of projects on community agendas related to pressing social problems.
Public policies and Community Psychology: collaboration and conflicts.
Ethical challenges regarding community goals and values.

Important Dates

Deadline for submissions
January 31st, 2010

Second call proposals accepted
February 26, 2010

Deadline to be included in the Scientific Program
Friday March 26, 2010


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