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Global Summit on Childhood Tackles the “Play Crisis”

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Carrie Lobman addressed the Global Summit on Childhood sponsored by the Association for Childhood Education International in Washington, D.C., which drew 600 participants from 70 nations — advocates, social-entrepreneurs, scholar-practitioners. Many are advancing creative ways to support the healthy development of young people. The importance of play to development — and ways that children are playing less — emerged as an important conference theme.

Carrie spoke on a panel, Play in the Lives of Children  along with Fran Maniella, president of the US Play Coalition; Kwame Brown, the founder of Move Theory; Danielle Marshall, director of Community Engagement Programs for Kaboom!; Joan Almon from Alliance for Childhood; and Michael Patte from The Association for the Study of Play. The panel considered evidence of a “play crisis,” in the U.S. and internationally, pointing to research documenting that school children have fewer opportunities for free play than previous generations and that poor children are disproportionately impacted.

Poverty has a devastating effect on hope, says Lobman on ImprovisationalLearning.org. It robs young people of one of the most developmental and hope-filled activities of childhood — play. READ MORE


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