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Call for Books/Book Chapters
SciencePG produces high-quality paperback books, hardback books and eBooks, so if you wish to publish books, or just want advice on cost-effective publishing, SciencePG can help. We provide all the services to help authors publish their own books and ebooks, from proofreading, book covers, book design and ebook files, to printing, book distribution and book marketing.

Once you want to publish a book, an ISBN number will be assigned to the book.

SciencePG Book Features:

Open Access: The readers can download the ebooks freely.
Rigorous peer review: Manuscripts undergo double peer review.
High visibility

Benefits for book authors: all the income of the hard copies except the printing cost will be distributed to the authors.

For more information, please visit:


Become a Conference Organizer
If you are interesting in running an academic conference. SciencePG could help you to publish the conference proceeding.

Your conference should be reviewed and approved by SciencePG before you use the SciencePG brand. After your conference is approved, your conference will be listed on the SciencePG website.

For more information, please visit:

Join Editorial Board & Become a Reviewer
We are actively looking for peer-reviewers from all specialties. Peer-reviewers should be experienced researchers who have published high quality papers before. If you want to be added to our peer-reviewers database, please click the following link to fill out the form and upload your scientific CV to us:



Call for Journal Papers
SciencePG is an academic publisher of open access journals/books. It is currently publishing more than 60 open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.
Full peer-reviewed: All manuscripts submitted to our journals undergo double blind peer review.

Fast publication: Peer review process of papers within approximately one month of submission.

Low price: The APC before May 20 2013 is $70 or $120.


We are looking forward to your submission.
The submission website: http://submission.sciencepublishinggroup.com

American Journal of Modern Physics
2326-8867(Print) 2326-8891(Online)
International Journal of Materials Science and Applications
2327-2635(Print) 2327-2635(Online)
American Journal of Physical Chemistry
2327-2430(Print) 2327-2449(Online)
American Journal of Networks and Communications
2326-893X(Print) 2326-8964(Online)
Pure and Applied Mathematics Journal
2326-9790(Print) 2326-9812(Online)
Clinical Medicine Research
2326-9049(Print) 2326-9057(Online)
International Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
2326-9715(Print) 2326-9723(Online)
Education Journal
2327-2600(Print) 2327-2619(Online)
More Journals, please visit:

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